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Note - this page is a work in progress :)


I am a huge fan of CW. From the age of 11, I started to learn morse with the help and infinite patience of a neighbour who was a retired ham. His name was George Rooney and he gave me his old straight-key which I still use today and taught me how to make my own oscillator to keep on practising. The hours upon end spent interpreting news stories that old George would send to me sat in his front room after school were some of the most fun I've ever had learning. I never really thanked him enough for the gift that he gave me but do my best to do his CW proud when I'm on the air.


Time permitting I operate mainly HF with a trusty FT101E. There's something about old valve rigs that really gets me excited, especially being able to work stations from essentially a piece of wire stuck in the back of it.