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This site aims to serve as a playground for my work in Cyber Security, Amateur Radio and for my Coding projects. I don't blog anymore, but I can be found on Twitter and have a pretty active YouTube channel where you can find most of my work.

Some of my popular videos are:

Cyber Security

I am a white-hat Cyber Security specialist. I lead a Security Incident Response team, I'm experienced with reverse-engineering complex malware and implementing appropriate blue-team response actions against a wide variety of threat vectors. I am SANS trained and a big advocate of the skills and experiences SANS can offer. Find out more about their courseware and more about my professional profile.

Ham Radio

I am a fully licensed Amateur Radio operator, callsign m0atz, and particularly enjoy QRP CW contacts on HF using my trusty Yaesu FT101E. I also enjoy decoding satellite data and interpreting ADS-B aircraft messages. I like home-brew projects and when time permits taking part in ARDF competitions.


I love solving problems with code and write mainly in Go, JavaScript, Python and C. From time to time I write useful utilities and will share the code on this site and on my github. I particularly enjoy reverse engineering obfuscated malware where malicious Actors make it difficult to obtain vital information from behavioural analysis. I code for fun and enjoy inspiring others to solve problems through code and algorithmic thinking. I studied CS50 with Harvard through the fantastic edX platform and this course changed my life. I highly recommend it for anyone new to Computer Science.